About me

I started my career as a game developer around the age of ten, when I started making simple websites in HTML, setting up "treasure hunts" with the use of hundreds of pages and hyperlinks. Not much later I discovered Game Maker, and I started building actual games. Through GM's community I became a minor part of the team behind the very community driven game "Slime Online".

In the meantime, I got accustomed with Adobe Flash, and started building games that could be played in a browser, which I much preferred over making people download your game. At the age of 16 I released "Die in a Carpet Fire", a difficult platformer inspired by Super Meat Boy I made together with two friends.

When it was time for me to decide what to be once I grow up, I figured I should pursue a "real" career and applied to the Mechanical Engineering course at Twente University. However that quickly turned out to not be my cup of tea, and once I discoverd a Game Development course right around the corner, I made the switch immediately.

During my current education, I got accepted as an intern at Tingly Games, a leading HTML5 game development studio. Once my internship ended, I got hired as a part-time developer. Tingly Games has since fused with Boostermedia to form CoolGames.
Currently I'm graduating at Lucky Kat studios. When I'm not stuck to a keyboard, I like to read, play bass, and do long distance skateboarding.