Here you can find some of the projects I have worked on in the past.

Combo Crusader

Combo Crusader is a game in which the player has to connect three or more monsters of the same kind in order to remove them from the board. This game is part of the Tingly Games portfolio.
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A demonstration of my findings for a school research on procedural animation. I was inspired by the animation in games such as 'Project Rainworld' and wanted to see how such animation systems could be build.
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Dungeon Descender

Dungeon Desccender is a turn based dungeon crawler, in which the player has to battle and loot increasingly difficult monster to progress to the next floor. A very fun and challenging project that I started as an intern, and finished as a part-time employee at Tingly Games.
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DUOS: Tropical Link

In DUOS two tiles must be connected through an unobstructed line with two corners or less. Creating friendly animations was a key point for this game. The game was made as part of Tingly Games' portfolio.
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Captain May-Ham

Captain May-Ham was my first project as an intern at Tingly Games. It is based on the classic Space Invaders game, but adds some new gameplay elements.
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Realm is a game best described as a 'Trading Card City Builder', made in 2 days for the 34th edition of Ludum Dare. While the game's balance is very flawed, I am fond of the concept. It also served nicely as a stress test for a small HTML5 game framework I am building.
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Keep Dreaming

Keep dreaming is a turn based dungeon crawler taking place in a surreal dream world. It runs on a C++ engine build completely from scratch. In our team of 8 people, my main responsibilities were dungeon generation and creating content editors for our artists and designer.
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In Eloii the goal is to move shapes between rings in order to line them up. Every action adds a shape, and lining up 4 removes them. This game was made within a week as part of a 'one game a week' challenge.
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TOWERISER challenges you and a friend to make your way up in a multitude of levels using a place swapping mechanic. It was made during the Global Game Jam of 2014, and our team 'won' the Jam at our location that year. My main responibilities were the character controls and setting up a level editor.
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Octobrawl is an attempt at an NES game made for the low level jam. It is written in 6502 assembly and has been one of the most fun learning experiences I have had.
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Palpito is a minimalistic game featuring a unique mechanic and calming ambience. It was made during the Global Game Jam of 2013 with a team of 4 students. My main responibilities were developing the line controls and the visual programming.
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