The Low Level Jam was a Mini Ludum Dare which defined it's goal as "The point of this jam is to increase understanding of how computers work while executing your game code and have fun and learn in the process.", arguing that non interpreted games are marginally harder to program.

Together with a flatmate I decided to try and make a game for the NES in just 48 hours. The challenge for me would be to develop a game using assembly, while my flatmate got to experience the harsh limits placed on art during the early ages of gaming.

I found some tutorials on writing 6502 assembly and development for the NES, and got going. It was my very first time tackling assembly, so it took some time getting used to, but it proved to be very interesting and it has given me some valuable insights in memory management.

48 hours turned out to be little time for both the artist and me to get comfortable in these completely new environments, but we got some decent work done anyhow. While the actual gameplay never made it into the game, we managed to create a scene and have an animated character walking around in it!

download Octobrawl here! It should run in any NES simulator.