Murder on 39th street

Jam build

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'Real' Build!

Playing on desktop, having issues, or just really want to see all the content? Play our 'debug tools' enabled build: Toggle the debug menu on and off with [Y]
'Debug' build

1.0.2 -if the 'debug' version of the game is ran, it will no longer complain if the navigator.getBattery API is not supported 1.0.1 -Fixed a bug where the game would crash if launching under 5% battery level -Changed '3th' to '3rd' 1.0.0 -Ludum dare release

Post-Jam build

Murder on 39th Street is a murder mystery that utilizes your devices battery. You, Heather, have been murdered at the start of spring. You have until the end of Winter to collect clues and find out who murdered you. Your devices battery level determines the in game time. Come back when your device is lower on power to progress in the story, or charge your device to go back in time!
Murder on 39th Street is a game made for the 39th edition of the Ludum Dare. The Jam's theme was 'Running out of Power'.
When we approached the Jam's deadline, the game was ready for content, but adding content turned out to be more complicated then we hoped (as is usually the case with game jams). We aimed to deliver a 'minimum viable product' and are hoping to flesh out the game more as time goes by. Follow development here!
The folllowing people worked on this game: The game runs on Bento.